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Welcome to a BigMoneyTeam, a 2x2, forced filled, cycler matrix, with spill over, spill under, follow your sponsor, dynamic compression, and most importantly, member to member pay out of 400% on 16 levels, instantly, at the speed of light.

No more waiting for some company to decide when to pay you.

You decide! has been created out of the growing need, of more, and more, people losing incomes, property, homes, respect, and dignity, in the before, and aftermath of the pandemics currently plaguing our planet. Join "The BigMoneyTeam" today and explode your bank account. We shall be with you every step of the way. Get back with the person who shared this opportunity with you so that they may be blessed, while being a blessing to you. Peace and Love, Peace and Increase, Peace and Chicken grease!

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