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Minh Ho and Julie Ho train Talk Fusion Entrepreneurs MLM Business Success.

Minh Ho and Julie Ho found themselves being evicted from their home, when their mortgage brokerage business was hit hard by the economy. Consumed with panic, fear and shame, they had to find a way out of debt, fast. Unexpectedly, a friend introduced them to a unique home-based business opportunity called Talk Fusion – With laser-sharp focus, hard work, and tight-fisted money management, their income began to grow as they invested their time and resources into helping others succeed.

Industry leaders with over 25 years of experience, Minh Ho and Julie Ho have proudly produced over a million global customers and distributors. In their last venture, over 4 years, they developed a team of over 400,000 distributors, with thousands earning 6- and 7-figure incomes in 140 countries. Their highly successful MLM career has afforded them many luxuries, including a beautiful 6,000 square foot dream home, luxury cars, and global travel over 64 countries. Minh and Julie are rated among Business From Home Worldwide the top 26 highest MLM multi-milliona ires.

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